Electric Marauder


In short, for the murders of those I court,
I bless the hour that holds your fall
I will kill you all!

Freak is a Marauder and an Enemy of Ascension.

Freak’s real name is Nathan Reed.

Freak was once a Hermetic and the subject of a failed Gilgul ritual.

Freak is a risk to NYC’s Sleepers and Tradition mages alike.

Thankfully, he’s also a risk to Technocrats, vampires, Nephandi, other Marauders, and other bad things in general.


Freak and Emily have a complicated history.

He was involved somehow in her Awakening.

He saved her life from a Nosferatu… maybe.

He gave her the picture for his dead girlfriend Alyssa’s locket.

He helped her stop Aum Shinri Kyo from destroying the NYC subway.

He’s tried to kill her twice.


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