Euthanatos Master


I am amazingly good at three things: killing for money, grief counseling, and middle management. – December

She’s a killer queen
Gunpowder, guillotine
Dynamite with a laser beam

December is the current Councilor for the seat of Entropy, and the de facto leader of NYC’s Euthanatoi.

Her waking life finds her working as a mortician.

December was Madrigal’s lover.

December is a chain-smoker.

December seems eager to help Emily and refers to her as “kid.”


It’s known that December murdered, or conspired to murder, 11 other Euthanatoi to earn her place as her master’s student.

December is a chain-smoker.

December is taking Madrigal’s death pretty hard.

December confesses to Saint George, when it’s necessary.

December’s name with Jonah is “Mortessence.”

December’s mortal name was “Kelly.”


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