Euthanatos Avenger


“Be careful, Cultist.”

A Euthanatos mage working with the cabal Capes.
The student of Euthanatos councilor December.


Before his Awakening, Castle was a U.S. Marine.
Castle is well-acquainted with many forms of assault weaponry, and has a personal arsenal inside the Watchtower.
Castle and Emily teamed up to destroy the Ventrue vampire Marcus Julii, brother to Lucius Julii a.k.a. Mister July. Another vampire, Spinning Jenny, died in the exchange. Emily learned further magick in the sphere of Entropy in the process.
Following Madrigal’s death and a botched pizza date, Emily decided to have sex with Castle. “Be careful, Cultist,” he warned—Emily may still not be sure precisely why. December apparently approves of the relationship, or at least its potential to remove stress from Castle’s life.


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